How do you save thousands when selling your home? Easy.


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Living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina is already an easy sell for many people looking to buy a home and start a life in our beautiful corner of the Palmetto State, but what about those on the selling end?

Selling a home comes with many hidden costs such as realtor commission rates, inspection costs, and repairs that you didn’t think you’d need to handle. But the folks at Lowcountry Home want to help you save thousands even as you ready for one of the biggest monetary transactions of your life.

With commission rates varying from realtor to realtor -- some going even as high as 6 percent in some markets -- you must find a realtor with lower commission costs to help put money in your pocket when the ink on the closing documents is dry.

Think of it this way -- say you find a realtor you like in the Lowcountry with a 5 percent commission rate. Considering the average home cost in our neck of the woods is $499,999, a 5 percent commission on a transaction of that size is almost $25,000!

Lower commission rates can be the key to saving you thousands while selling your home. Doing your homework is key! Part of that homework is finding a realtor you can trust with a competitive commission rate.

Lowcountry Home’s Adam Tournear has one of the most competitive commission rates in the Lowcountry, allowing you to focus on everything that needs to be done on your home before the transaction is complete.

So, if you’re getting your home ready for the market, call Adam today to set up a conversation! He’s ready to be your advocate.